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This rather interesting and beautiful set of sculptured vases is displayed in the outside area of the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse NY. The Everson has often been called a "Work of Art to house Works of Art." I've always liked this particular display. Unfortunately, I don't know the artist's name.

This Revolutionary War cannon is on display at Fort Stanwick in downtown Rome, NY. Fort Stanwick played a pivotal role in the American Revolution. A group of British soldiers and Indians under Col. Barry St. Leger laid siege to Fort Stanwick in 1777. The American General Benedict Arnold led an army that relieved the garrison at Fort Stanwick and forced the British back to Canada. Legend has it that the American flag as we know it, with 13 alternating red and white stripes and a blue field with stars, first flew in battle over Fort Stanwick during this siege. After relieving the garrison, Arnold moved his army east to join with General Horatio Gates to defeat the British at the Battle of Saratoga. The Battle of Saratoga is considered to be the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

Salt was a very precious commodity because it was used for the preservation of food before the advent of refrigeration. In the region just north of Syracuse, on the banks of Lake Onondaga, there were some significant salt deposits. Because these deposits were located on the surface, they were easy to access. Syracuse became a major center for salt production in the new world beginning with the French discovery n the 1650's. The Salt Museum pictured here, with Lake Onondaga in the background, recalls the history of salt production in the area.

The Burnet Park Zoo in Syracuse had some magificent wild cats on display in the early 70's. Of course, that was when cats such as this leopard were kept in cages rather than being in open enclosures like in modern zoos. As a youngster, I lived only a few blocks from Burnet Park. And to get to the baseball fields, swimming pool, and swings and slides, I had to go through the zoo area. Stopping to see these cats and the other animals was something I did very often.

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